OG Blood Orange

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Packed with the citrusy power of blood oranges, this Live Resin HHC | HHCP + THCA vape is like a tropical party in your mouth. Get ready for the ultimate flavor experience with hints of tangy sweetness and a zesty kick that’ll have you wanting more. It’s time to take a toke and let the good vibes flow with OG Blood Orange!

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for OG Blood Orange

  1. Kristian Song

    Recently tried this at a convention. Usually whenever i try flavored hemp stuff its not that flavorful, but as someone who vapes, i know hemp/thc doesnt compare in flavor. So when i tried og blood orange it actually had a nice mild, sweet and tangy taste of oranges. It got me baked in just a few hits and I look forward to trying the other flavors.

  2. Alex

    This is the second GRNDT disposable I’ve tried, (the other being the Raspberry Lemonade flavor) and this is my favorite so far! My local store (shoutout Stratus in WS NC) recommended GRDNT to me because I hate the flavor of flower- and this brand is perfect. This one tastes like orange creamsicle, and it gets you a gentle high pretty quickly. I hit it regularly at work, and it improves my mood and gets me through the day without getting me super blasted. 10/10 recommend.

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OG Blood Orange