Mango Express

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Packed with the juiciest mango flavor, this Live Resin D8 | THCP + THCA vape takes you on a flavor trip like no other. Get ready for a smooth ride with every puff, leaving you feeling lifted. It’s like a tropical vacation in your pocket, ready to transport you to paradise. Get on board the Mango Express and let the good times roll!

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Mango Express

  1. Shawn Weerawardana

    I was skeptical when I saw another “flavored” hemp vape, usually with this kind of shit there’s such a small hint of flavoring and the rest is that weird taste you get with a hemp or THC vape. Not with this though 😭 It’s not an overwhelming mango taste and it doesn’t seem like they sacrificed anything on the effects side to get it to that point. Might be my new go-to.

  2. Isabelle (verified owner)

    It smells so good and works so well! Perfect for anyone who wants a delta/thc-p vape that doesn’t just smell and taste like weed but still hits nicely. I like it a little less than Baked Cake but only because I prefer the cake taste over the mango taste.

  3. ShellH

    Mango Express is incredibly delicious! My favorite of the After Hour Belnds so far, but stay tuned. I was pleasantly surprised by the calming effects. Just a few puffs and I was quickly feeling the relaxing effects. It improved the quality of my sleep!

  4. Gster808

    At first I was skeptical about vaping this product but, I needed something to help my sleep at night because I have trouble sleeping with anxiety. I’m not a heavy vapor with this kind of product except only with menthol. I took one hit and I was sleepy and relaxed. Normally it’s hard for me to sleep with the tv on or sounds or lights. But this did the trick I would highly recommend.

  5. Sexy T

    I just got one from my corner store in I love it ❤️

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